Chemical composition along with anti-leishmanial and cytotoxic activity of Zataria multiflora

Hossein Mahmoudvand, Shirzad Fallahi, Ebrahim Saedi Dezaki, Fariba Sharififar, Lianet Monzote, Fatemeh Ezatkhah


Context: Natural products and their compounds are some of the most interesting sources of newdrugs. Reviews have reported various pharmacological properties such as antimicrobial effects ofZataria multiflora Boiss (Lamiaceae).Objective: The present study investigates the chemical composition of Z. multiflora essential oil andevaluates its cytotoxic effects and anti-leishmanial activities against Leishmania tropica in an in vitromodel.Materials and methods: The components of Z. multiflora oil were identified by gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) analysis. Anti-leishmanial effects of the essential oil (0–100 mL/mL) andmethanol extract of Z. multiflora (0–100 mg/mL) on promastigote forms as well as their cytotoxicactivities against J774 cells were evaluated using MTT assay for 72 h. The leishmanicidal activityagainst amastigote forms of L. tropica was evaluated at the concentrations of 0–50 mg/mL in amacrophage model for 48 h.Results: The chemical analyses demonstrated that the main components of essential oil werethymol (41.81%), carvacrol (28.85%), and p-cymene (8.36%). Regarding leishmanicidal activity, theIC50 values for the essential oil and methanol extract were 3.2 mL/mL and 9.8 mg/mL againstpromastigote forms and 8.3 mL/mL and 34.6 mg/mL against amastigote forms, respectively. Essentialoil (CC50 89.3 mL/mL) indicated a higher cytotoxic effect than the methanol extract (CC50 591.6 mg/mL) of Z. multiflora.Conclusion: The present study revealed the chemical composition of Z. multiflora that might be anatural source of new anti-leishmanial agents in terms of use against cutaneous leishmaniasis.ARTICLE HISTORYReceived 2 March 2015Accepted 30 July 2015Published online 7 October2015KEYWORDSCutaneous leishmaniasis,cytotoxicity, GC/MS,Leishmania tropica,medicinal plants

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